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Parking Lot & Parking Deck Pressure Washing

If a customer or visitor pulls into a dirty parking deck that has graffiti on the walls and excessive dirt or grease, they might just keep driving. Parking lots and garages that are not well-maintained can look unsafe. This may impact the image of the companies that depend on that parking space. If you own or manage a parking garage or facility with parking decks in Gwinnett County, GA, you need professional maintenance to keep it clean, safe and protected. Duluth Pressure Washing can help you maintain your parking areas to protect your commercial investment.

Parking areas are necessary for all types of businesses and should be maintained for cleanliness and safety. They are one of the first areas visitors see when stopping at a business, shopping center or professional facility. Dirty and dingy parking decks and garages can make people feel unsafe, especially those tagged with graffiti. Plus, oil and other spilled substances can harm asphalt and the underlying structure, causing costly corrosion and deterioration. Parking lot and parking deck pressure washing can remove graffiti, dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants, creating a parking area that looks safe and professional.

At Duluth Pressure Washing, we have been serving businesses and residents in Gwinnett County for many years. Our business is licensed and insured, with experienced, quality employees who perform professional pressure washing services using commercial equipment. We use advanced techniques and tools for our parking lot and parking deck pressure washing services, helping our clients maintain their structures. Our crews can provide ongoing maintenance and cleaning for your facility’s parking lot or garage, helping protect your commercial investment.

Protect Your Parking Garage

Parking decks and garages can accommodate hundreds of vehicles a day. The vehicles bring in dirt, oil, gasoline and other chemicals that can layer on the surface of your asphalt and concrete. In parking garages, this may seep down the structure. Some chemicals can corrode the concrete and steel that support the enormous structure and weight of vehicles every day.

Parking garage pressure washing is an essential component of maintenance. Removing the corrosive substances from the asphalt and concrete helps to minimize deterioration and corrosion, helping reduce repairs and extend the life of the structure. Not only will monthly or routine parking lot and parking deck pressure washing make your garage look safe and clean, but it will also protect the structure. Our crew at Duluth Pressure Washing will ensure your parking decks are kept clean and safe, a worthwhile investment to maintain your large parking structures.

Power Washing for Parking Areas

Pressure washing large parking lots and garages requires specialized equipment and knowledge of environmental regulations. There are laws that regulate cleaning outdoor surfaces using pressure washing, which is why you should always hire a professional to clean your parking areas. Our team at Duluth Pressure Washing meets all Georgia regulations for exterior surface cleaning and adheres to all environmental laws regulating our industry. We provide the following services to clean your parking areas:

  • Concrete and asphalt parking lot cleaning
  • Graffiti removal from walls, dumpsters and other surfaces
  • Safe removal of oil, grease and other chemicals
  • Ramp cleanings for parking garages
  • Dumpster pad cleaning

If you need parking lot and parking deck pressure washing services in Duluth, Suwanee, Gwinnett, Dacula, Sugar Hill or any of the surrounding areas, you can trust Duluth Pressure Washing. We offer competitive rates and reliable service for all our pressure washing services. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule a parking lot, deck or garage cleaning for your facility or business in Gwinnett County, GA.

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Friendly staff, affordable price, attention to details, and superior customer service. Duluth Pressure Washing is the company I recommend to anyone needing work done at their home.


Better than perfect describes the quality of the work Duluth Pressure Washing did on my vinyl siding. The price was fair and the crew was professional. This company is the best in the business.


Never thought I would write a review but Duluth Pressure Washing is an exceptional company to do business with and deserve credit where credit is due. They delivered on what was promised and at a great price.


I chose this company over several others because of the professional and friendly office staff. They were genuine and thorough, but never pushy. My driveway and house siding are clean and look great. I had a positive experience with Duluth Pressure Washing and I recommend their service.


These folks take their word seriously. They told me what to expect from the service and they did what they said they were going to do and they did it well. Pressure washing is their game.


The bricks on my house never looked very clean and made my house look old; like a historical home. Duluth Pressure Washing cleaned the bricks so well my home looks brand new. This was an amazing experience. I strongly recommend them.

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